Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lampshade of the Month: March 2014 'Dickie Bird'

Dickie Bird follows hot on the heels of Lampshade of the Month: Feb 2014 'Jenny Wren' and continues the inside out and upside down theme with lovely vintage barkcloth teamed with linen and silk scraps. tweet tweet!

the fabric:

most of my lampshades start with the fabric and the idea grows from there. this fairly small piece of 1950s barkcloth found me at The Vintage Bazaar in Devizes. i love the colours and random geometry. Dickie Bird is defintely a he.

the detail:

as the 'top fabric' of my inside out lampshades hangs suspended within the frame, rather than stretched around it, the wire structure suddenly becomes important. i wrapped the verticals and square 'rings' using scraps of James Hare silk and bits of hand dyed linen, which i think look rather smart

the birds:

the aim is to add a new outline and movement to what can be a fairly rigid symmetrical structure. i hope they add humour without being silly. i chose the most beautiful I could find (Petra Boase)

the quality:

breaking the rules shouldn't compromise handcrafted quality. so Dickie Bird is finished with the strictest attention to detail and, of course, he is lined.


a final note:
if you'd like to see more Lampshades of the Month, have a look at the albums on my Facebook page. if you'd like me to make a unique lampshade specially for you, do get in touch. here's my website: The Traditional Upholstery Studio

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