Friday, 11 April 2014

Selvedge Spring Fair 2014

...a Grand and Happy Day Out

it was the much-awaited Selvedge Spring Fair last weekend so i booked a train ticket and set off for what has become my fave day out in London. the route: 

1.Selvedge Spring Fair, Chelsea Old Town Hall SW3, 
2.Liberty, W1, 
3.lunch (at Le Pain Quotidien) 
3.Berwick Street Cloth House.

what's not to like, and needless to say it was a indeed a very happy and inspiring day. this time, i was surprised to find the Selvedge Spring Fair was a much-reduced version of last years, with far fewer stands, hardly a queue and plenty of elbow room. it seemed as though there were proportionally less designer/hand-makers compared to folks selling bought and found wares too, but that could be just my impression. even so, there were enough innovative handmade wonders to keep me happy, and i enjoyed the event more for having time chat and not feel swamped by crowds.

here's my photo-diary of all the best bits...

8am: arrived v early at Sloane Square station. nothing was open so people-watched over porridge in Pret a Manger 
8.45am: looky look! 
in the window... Salty Seadog by Emma Cocker
...and a knitted fox head by Louise Walker

... had to cross the road to gaze through Heals window at these lovelies
all the lampshading goodies a girl could dream of
(by Dyke and Dean at Heals)
 9.30am: still closed... so all i can do is press 
my nose to the window 

9.45am:they've got a thing about birds 
at The Chelsea Gardener too

it's amazing who you spot when window gazing...

10.03am: yay! The Selvedge Spring Fair is open..
much smaller and less crowded, but very friendly and far less frenzied. still, i decided, worth getting up at 5.30am for 

well met... the lovely Grace Lane of Threadbare Production
her other-worldly creations

on the Selvedge stand, Sophie Digard's amazing crochet created on fairy-sized hooks
more Sophie Digard treasures

happy finds... quirky hat embellishments from Blue Linen
(would look just as fine on lampshades...)

i also met lovely Janine of Nordic Grey and tried on one of her handmade tunics... and realised she was the very same Janine who created my much-loved and admired 'hello my lovely' scarf bought at the Selvedge Fair three years ago. (unfortunately we chatted so much while trying on and pinning that i forgot to get my camera out) will keep you posted on the tunic ;-)

12.30pm: Liberty, W1 
my new Merchant and Mills 'factory dress' fabric

1.45pm: post-Liberty lunchtime at Le Pain with lovely sister Lulu (check out the backdrop)
2.45pm: Cloth House, No 47 Berwick Street.
(Liberty or Cloth House?)
(Daddy or chips?)
Lampshade of the Month: June?
don't know where to put my eyes
one very tired upholsteress

i could live here... 

the Selvedge Winter Fair will be in November 2014 xx


  1. wish I hadn't forgotten about it! Yes but what did you BUY ?!! ;)

    Debbie x

  2. there's always next time.... while being hugely tempted to go home with many trophies, i was very good and only bought:
    1 x Merchant & Mills dress pattern
    2 x lengths of dressmaking fabric
    1 x pair of cashmere socks for Mr H (birthday forthcoming)
    ...and took home loads of business cards and little 'notes to self' so i could ponder more extravagant purchasing in less pressured surrounds....
    next time, come along! x


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