about doris

doris was my nana. she was a dressmaker. her bensons and hedges laugh started deep and rattled long. she loved roses and her weed-free lawn. she once fell asleep on her garden swing seat and woke up covered in dawn dew and cobwebs. she had coal fired central heating, a twin tub with mangle and dolly tub, a treddle singer sewing machine, a best room no-one went inside unless it was for a trying on session. she made her own frocks and loved dressing up. she didn't flap... unless the fireplace puffed smoke into the room causing her to dash about opening windows and bemoaning sooty particles landing on lovely ladies' fabric. she had a special telephone voice and always said 'lavatory'. there were potties under her beds. her favourite sweets were coconut mushrooms. she was a lone warrior: working, mothering, gardening, keeping house and having fun were all down to her. she was skilled, clever, funny, innovative, determined, painstaking and perfect. 'dimidido' is her own made-up word.

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