about me

i am an upholsterer and a shed-dweller. making things makes me happy. so do lampshades, pre-loved fabric, handmade trimmings and liberty of london. this blog attempts to log my creative daily doings, thinking, dreaming, tips and tales otherwise easily lost in the hectic whirl of ordinary life.

more you may need to know about me

work: i am founder of the Traditional Upholstery School, a teaching centre for traditional and modern upholstery, soft furnishings and lampshade making. when not teaching, i renovate lovely ladies' gentlemen's chairs, sofas and lampshades. my business is called 'the traditional upholstery studio'in these creative endeavours, i operate from a shed in my garden. i also teach upholstery at the WI's flagship headquarters Denman College.

important people: Mr H. my wonderful boy and girl. three insolent cats. five sensible hens. all living together in our much-used house and raggedy garden.

creative outbursts: lampshades are my favourite. crochet is a new-found love though it has yet to really love me back. painting walls and furniture is also good. and making my own clothes.

a former life: i have worked many long hours writing for, thinking for and editing magazines. 

dream: to be mistress of my own upholstery school by the sea.

today's reality: there's never quite enough time in the day so i often upholster at night too. my immediate neighbours - pretty, olive, myrtle, garibaldi and jammy dodger - don't mind. in fact they sometimes come inside my shed to see what i'm up to. 

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