Monday, 10 March 2014

Lampshade of the Month... a sneaky preview

it's high time that 'Lampshade of the Month: March' was well underway but by the end of last week, shortly after setting myself a grand task of writing 'Traditional Lampshade Making: The Sequel', i found that even a whole shelf full of fabriccy treasures can leave a soul sapped of all creative courage. 

now was not the time to be in crafty doldrums, so i left Mr H in charge of Saturday morning activities and pottered off to Devizes where the The Vintage Bazaar  was happening at the Corn Exchange. i spent a very satisfactory two hours rummaging through Donna Flower's splendid display of vintage fabrics. and, naturally, i brought one or two treasures home. 

the result? 

creative courage restored, bursts of inspiration popping anew and March's Lampshade of the Month on it's way. phew

here's a little preview...

 working title... Dickie Bird

and just to make you laugh (i'm sure my neighbours do) i thought i'd show you my 'photo studio'. 

two sheets, one table and a sunny wall. priceless

and here's lovely Donna tidying up after all that rummaging....

thank you xx

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