Sunday, 2 March 2014

i have decided to write a book

yes really.

not a Mary Wesley-esque depiction of life and love in the modern-day shed, but more like 'Traditional Lampshade Making: The Sequel'

here's why:  

lampshade making circa 1959. time for an update...

i dearly love every rare and treasured spare moment spent creating beautiful lampshades, but as a one-of-a-kind handmaker, even if blessed with more time, my fantasy Folksy shelves will always have plenty of white space. 

however... to merrily log each newly-learned technical skill, creative eureka moment, re-discovered wisdom and pure fabriccy indulgence. that i can do.

so 'doris and me' is going to take a new direction for a while. there will be many more updates on shed news, but most new posts will be pages of 'the Sequel'. it will contain lots of tutorials, ideas, cheap frills and lampshadey goodness. it won't start at the beginning and end at the end, largely because my creative busy-ness doesn't work like that. i really do hope that other lampshade lovelies may find it interesting and useful reading.

while i rustle up the first installment, here are five cheery pictures that may make it into 'the Sequel'…

ps by the way... i actually have a Folksy shop! yay! the shelves are a little bare at the mo, but i'll keep you posted when new things are added. here it is: doris and me on Folksy

i am going to share 'the Sequel' bit-by-bit on the understanding that one day it may even become a proper book. if anyone would like to use any of my photos, words, diagrams and ideas, please do ask my permission. thank you kindly. x

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