Tuesday, 10 June 2014

in the shed this week...

a lovely and somewhat shabby chaise longue arrived, complete with pot of paint and linen fabric for a thorough make-over. this is not so much as a before and after, as a before and half-way-through:

much of the primrose yellow paint had to be sanded
off before a 'proper' paint job could begin

powder blue paint and coat of wax, plus
velvety grey Romo Linara fabric

i'll keep you posted on progress (braid is winging it's way from Paris).


much of my week was taken up with being Upholstery Tutor-in-Chief across the fields @theFarmthis week my creative goings were published in Wiltshire Life. hooray! arriving as we wind down towards the end of summer term, this great publicity should ensure that many places are booked for the grand selection of @theFarm workshops - upholstery, lampshade making, crochet, needlefelting - lined up from September 2014. 
i'm sure the lovely WL folk won't mind me sharing this sneak peek of our shiny wholesome smiles and well-pressed pinnies… 

we are just starting the last of this academic year's upholstery sessions, running on Tuesday and Friday mornings. with a max of eight students, @theFarm lovelies do wonders with treasured chairs and junk shop finds. here's Mette busy with her grand stool at the start…

 … and almost finished

for all the @theFarm schedule until the end of 2014, click here

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