Tuesday, 3 June 2014

in the shed this week... seven shades of grey

it was half term, but no skiving until this little dearie in was delivered. this otherwise very robust modern armchair arrived with a tired cream cover that desperately needed replacing. i'm nerdy enough to enjoy pattern matching so much that a complicated arrangement of grey checks were a joy. 

for fabric this chunky, i use very thin piping cord for an elegant finish. naturally

pattern-matching? pah!

finished and ready for delivery

on an interesting note, here's how the work panned out…
one full day - measuring, planning and cutting out
one and a half days - reupholstering
half a day - making box piped cushions 
one full day - making and attaching the pleated skirt. yes one whole day.

happily the lovely lady was thrilled with her new-look armchair and it looked very splendid in her many shades of grey room. 

next in the shed... i'm standing by for delivery of a chaise longue. meanwhile my upholstery workshops @theFarm continue apace.

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