Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A new year a new plan (…or, planning 'me' time)

...not 'planning me time' spoken in a northern accents, but planning 'me' time, as in consciously thinking about myself every now and then.

it's been an age since I visited this blog - not because I've been lost for words - but because life in the Shed got very busy. 

2014 was a great year for The Traditional Upholstery Studio. many splendid chairs have been restored to gloriousness and their lovely owners include folk who came back for repeat work. 

upholstery classes continued to be full, fun and often the highlight of the working week. at @theFarm Em and I have already added Upholstery Saturdays to the schedule and there are exciting developments planned 2015. my courses at NFWI Denman have taken off too, with many lovely WI ladies coming back for more.

however - even when you love every minute - too much work makes Jack (and Joanna) a dull boy, so 'The Plan: 2015' is to schedule in more creative time. some of this creativity will be spent revamping my own home (the cheek!) but I also aim to re-stock my Folksy shop. 

…these are most likely to take the form of woolly lampshades with hand crocheted trims, and inside-out shades… 

it feels great to be planning new creations and there's a long way I can take them, so do watch this space.

this new 2015 plan includes keeping this blog updated. Once a month or so I shall keep you posted on comings and goings, insights and tips.

the first few working days of the year have included a little website update. See if you can spot the difference... The Traditional Upholstery Studio

ps (i apologise if you've been to visit and found nothing new for a while xx)

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