Monday, 19 May 2014

in the shed this week...

just out of the shed is an understated and much-loved mid century rocking chair. it arrived in tatty faux black leather with squashed and sorry stuffing and left wearing snazzy Melin Tregwynt wool cloth, six new buttons, a newly stuffed back and new cushion pad and a buffing up with beeswax polish.

great looking and super soft wool cloth from a Welsh mill

original tension springs, seen from underneath, with new calico padded cover to protect the cushion fabric

unseen... a teeny snip of lovely piping cord from a previous job holds the buttons in place at the back

two hefty coil springs make a rocking chair rock

calico and linen quilted spring cover...

...attached behind and unseen with a stretch of knicker elastic

simple and smart finishing detail

polished and ready for delivery

it was a happy job. this is what its owner said: 
"the chair... looks splendid. I think my late husband would have been delighted! i shall enjoy sitting in it or inviting my guests use it." 

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