Monday, 30 December 2013

the 2013 diy christmas card... (or how ideas gain a life of their own)

you know how one minute an idea is just a bubble of creative energy that brightens a waking moment.. and the next it has burst forth, gained momentum and requires practical action such as speedy car journeys, frantic phone calls, prayers to the god of sunny days… 

well, the inaugural @theFarm Christmas card idea was a bit like that.

to put you in the picture…
@theFarm is the lovely venue across the fields where i spend a few hours each week as Upholstery Tutor-at-Large. since @theFarm's launch in summer 2013 it has been my task to 'do' the photography. this all came about when i quite naturally opened my big mouth and suggested that as our marketing budget was £0, and begging favours from smart friends' photographer husbands was too fraught with dilemas to contemplate, we should just do them ourselves. hence my other @theFarm role as Official Creative Director-in-Chief.

so, there was i one early December morning loading a towering pile of pre-loved lampshades into the car ready for an @theFarm photoshoot (peep here)when I spotted their promising potential as a Christmas tree…

this simple little idea bubbled along quietly on the 3-minute car journey yet when mentioned as a potential 'extra shot' to @theFarm's lovely Emma Allen it burst forth so strongly that it barely required a moment's discussion. (much praise here, i feel, goes to Emma).

within an instant tweedy jacket sleeves were rolled up, a handy brother was brought in to help lift things, bunting was draped over walls and hens tempted over to peck lovingly at our wellied feet. the towering pile of lampshades was positioned centre stage, two tweedy jacketed lovelies (me + em) were smiling and posing our best poses and the afore-mentioned handy brother (matt) was pressing the camera button.

here are a few close-ups to show what what happened when a Very Good Idea allowed to bloom…

glaringly bright winter sun and sinister black shadows…? pah!

teamwork... emma and handy brother matt arranging the bunting
i know you can't see but… smile, em, smile
the theory is, if i stick out my hips, my tweedy skirt won't fall down
chicken in a basket, dearie?

…and, o looky look!…

… a star is born.

 happy times and a wonderful 2014 one and all. xxx

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