Friday, 23 August 2013

in the shed this week

(and the previous week)… has been a very pretty set of dining chairs. here they are all finished and delivered.

they arrived in rather a sorry state. wobbly frames needed to be re-glued and pinned, and the seats re-webbed and re-sprung. the original hair pads were in good shape, though, so they were recycled. this is what i got up to...

re-webbing and springing

tieing in the springs (re-using the original hessian, hence the random circles from old springs)

re-tacking on the original stitched hair pad, with a bit of extra horsehair for good plumpness

skewers holding wadding in place ready for the calico layer.

they were covered in a tasteful combo of striped Romo linen teamed with something vintage for the back panels, plus about 13m of handmade double piping. they all are lined up ready for the trip back home.

…so that's a typical The Traditional Upholstery Studio week, albeit a particularly time-consuming one. 
i have been meaning to keep up a regular post along the lines of 'what's the shed this week' ever since i began this blog, but it's been a big year and house building work, family and new work adventures have got in the way. i'll catch-up with a 'gallery of highlights' at some point, but for now - hooray! i have made a start 


'in the shed next week' is a sweet little footstool full of holes plus a good tip for creative use of wax crayons. xx

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