Wednesday, 10 July 2013

view from the sewing room across to the shed...
 ...and my neighbour jammy dodger taking a stroll


  1. What a lovely view across your meadow!

  2. thanks my lovely. the 'lost gardens of wiltshire' is my chosen summer look. so many chairs to upholster, lampshades to glorify and walls to paint that the lawnmower never gets a whirl. ( jammy & co most happy with the arrangement.)
    by the way, repainting the shed is on the list.
    a) black (think Wallander), or
    b) churlish green (F&B chartreuse shade i reckon was used on the Holburne Museum's rather fab shed). whadooyafink?


oo yes... do let me know what you think. i'll endeavour to write back to each and every one :-)