Wednesday, 22 May 2013

upholsterer's tip: smooth scrolls

dear lovelies, this trick is handy when you need to fit on a pre-sewn a piped scroll arm and want to eliminate that pesky little wrinkle that shows itself just above the piping, however determinedly you pull, pin, tug and tweak. fear not, it works every time...


here's how:
cut a strip of polyester wadding and chamfer along one of the sides. tack the strip along the piping seam onto the inside of the arm fabric with the bulky side next to the piping. then fit the arm and scroll as usual. the extra bit of padding just where you need it pluffs out any wrinkles without leaving an unsightly bulky finish. you can tweak out the tacking stitches afterwards.

time needed for achieving perfection: five minutes

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