Monday, 21 January 2013

a snowy day

hello. this is my very first post. among my ramblings I’ll share ‘practical tips from the shed’ (the sort you won't find in books, even good ones), news of my creative outbursts (usually lampshades, but not always), my ever-growing album of ‘before and after’ pictures, and occasional ‘how tos’ (tutorials).
however, as it’s been snowing all weekend and I have been side-tracked, my very first 'practical tip from the shed' is dedicated to all upholsterers caught out on a no school day without a toboggan...

how to make an upholsterer's toboggan

step one: take one used and unwanted feather sofa cushion  step two: stuff it inside a heavy duty plastic sack (the sort hair comes in) and, if you have time, staple the ends together step three: find a snowy hill, sit on your toboggan and whizz down at a respectable rate of knots. in blissful comfort all day long
makes a good cushion too

and one more thing, here's my first '5 things'…

5 things…. to love about snow

1 early rushing to get dressed and play outside
2 old radiators piled with steaming gloves and socks
3 hearty soup
4 how scruffy things look magical, like Cheery Builder Number One’s cement mixer
5 and how it makes serious grown ups smile for joy


  1. Looking forward to your next exciting instalment, Jo! Might it involve snow-boarding with a standard lamp...? Hoping so! xx

  2. it was a shaky start wasn't it... now fettered with the most amazingly vicious flu bug i could ever dream up. new post already up there though - bit of a 'wordless wednesday' x


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